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Accounting and Tax Solutions

Our goal is to help you make decisions to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. At Condley and Company, L.L.P., we focus on your unique needs, allowing us to construct a plan tailored specifically to you or your company. We work with you to develop strategies that minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your cash flow and improve internal controls.

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Successful Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Similarly, at Condley and Company, L.L.P. we believe ifIf you’ve secured a plan for your finances, you’ve planned for a secure financial future. From budgeting and profitability analysis to strategic planning, think of us as your financial source to help set a plan in motion to reach your financial objectives.

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Founded on Principle

At Condley and Company, L.L.P., we’re proud to have many long-standing clients. Our founders and partners have instilled in the firm a culture of personalized service. With every client we serve, we aim to listen and truly understand the people behind the numbers so we can help them reach their goals.

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Built on Integrity

Our team has a philosophy built on integrity, sound judgment and commitment to quality service. We combine our understanding of accounting, taxation, financial statement analysis and business operations to produce well-reasoned and objective results.

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Focused on Service

Your success is our business. We do more than just deliver service, we take the time to learn our clients’ goals and objectives., and offer customized solutions to help them face their financial futures with confidence.

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Make Efficiency a Healthy Habit

Make Efficiency a Healthy Habit

Sometimes it can seem like regular habits can become rigid and boring. However, regular habits can help you become more efficient because you are creating a regular daily flow – which involves work, self-care, downtime, and even daydreaming. Maximize the time you have by creating habits that are a part of a regular routine. Full Article

Turn Employees into FANS!

Turn Employees into FANS!

All companies want not only the best people to work for them, but also people who are truly fans of the company and its product or services. So, how can companies get their employees to be some of their biggest fans? Full Article

Seriously Improve Your Networking Skills

Seriously Improve Your Networking Skills

One of the great ways to stay up-to-date within your market is by attending industry-specific conferences. While attending your next upcoming conference event, don’t overlook the networking opportunities present. Effectively engage your target audience by using some of the following tips to become an awesome networker. Full Article

Build a More Cohesive Team

Build a More Cohesive Team

A cohesive team of employees that work well together means that your team is productive and efficient. By developing and working through team-building activities, your team can work together to develop trust and establish stronger bonds, promoting collaboration and communication. Full Article

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Congress at Work: Extending/Expanding Tax Breaks and Protecting Americans in Peril

Congress at Work: Extending/Expanding Tax Breaks and Protecting Americans in Peril

The Congress at Work series of articles is designed to give you a glimpse of various types of legislation currently under consideration. While either the Senate or the House of Representatives may initiate a bill proposal, be aware that many bills never become law; they may never make it out of committee, be blocked by a Senate filibuster, delayed, lack enough votes, never be agreed upon by the two houses, or vetoed by the president. Full Article

Health Savings Account Strategies

Health Savings Account Strategies

While the growth in healthcare expenses has slowed in recent years (3.6 percent in 2013), it’s still growing substantially higher than the overall inflation rate (1.5 percent for 2013). For this reason, it’s a good idea to utilize saving, spending and investment options available with today’s popular health savings accounts. Full Article

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Timothy Bob Graves

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