Founded on Principle, Focused on Service
August 2018
Volume 9 Issue 3
  • Fed Study Shows an Upward Trend in Business Lending

    In a recent article published by American Banker, author John Heltman takes a look at the recently released findings of the Federal Reserve’s Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey. Overall, it appears that business lending is growing stronger. Findings of the study indicated the following: An increase in commercial credit line limits for big firms; An … Read More >

  • The Future of Mobile Banking—And the Security Issues That Come with It

    Mobile banking presents something of a quandary: while consumers desire to use mobile banking and seek banks that offer innovative features in this area, concerns about data security and privacy often prevent them from embracing the new technology that they seek. Bill Streeter takes a detailed look at this predicament in a new article for … Read More >

  • The Impact of S. 2155 on Small Banks

    In spite of the recent rollback of a number of Dodd-Frank regulations, small banks will not be seeing much relief from their regulatory burden, writes Zach Fox in a recent article for Banking Exchange. Fox details the items included in the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155) and also discusses why … Read More >

June 2018
Volume 9 Issue 2
  • A Brief Overview of S. 2155

    In the wake of new banking legislation—S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act—many banks are seeking guidance on how the new law will affect them. The Independent Community Bankers of America recently published a comprehensive report on S. 2155 and what it means for banks. The legislative changes in S. 2155 … Read More >

  • New Technology is Great, But Your Customers Still Want the Human Touch

    In spite of the advent of digital banking technologies, physical bank branches continue to endure. In a recent article for The Financial Brand, author Jeffry Pilcher summarizes the findings of a new study by Celent that looked at how U.S. consumers desire to interact with their banking providers. Here are some of the big takeaways … Read More >

  • Tips for Establishing Your Company’s Social Media Policy

    Social media presence is no longer optional. Your customers expect it, and, at this point, failing to be active on social media could cost you important opportunities. A recent article for Banking Exchange, authored by three team members at Buckley Sandler L.L.P., offers a number of considerations in regards to establishing a company-wide social media … Read More >

March 2018
Volume 9 Issue 1
  • Digital Banking and Consumer Preferences

    A research study conducted by Novantas yielded the widely-cited result that 60% of American consumers prefer to use a physical bank branch rather than conduct their banking digitally. Jim Marous takes up the topic of this finding in a recent article for The Financial Brand, contesting those who interpret the statistic as supporting the need … Read More >

  • Amazon is a Big Growth Leader—What Can Retail Banks Learn from Them?

    With growth as its starting point and consistent aim, Amazon’s concept of business has been remarkably successful. In a recent article for Banking Exchange, author Derek Corcoran details some lessons that retail banks can learn from Amazon’s growth strategy. Don’t look for one-size-fits-all solutions. Your customers’ opinions are varied—so provide a variety of features and … Read More >

  • Banks Are at the Forefront in the Battle Against Elder Financial Abuse

    It’s a sad reality that the elderly are often targets of financial abuse—particularly those who suffer from cognitive deficiency. Banks are often the front lines when it comes to identifying and fighting back against this particular form of exploitation. In a recent article for BankDirector, Nick Losurdo offers a number of useful tips for banks … Read More >